Dad Creates Hilarious Video About The Struggle To Put A Babys Car Seat In The Car

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Having a child can be a bigger hassle than you might think. Babies require so many different things! They have strollers, cribs, and then the dreaded car seat.

If you’ve ever had to put a baby’s car seat in, then you know thatthey are the biggest pain. How can we trust them, when they’re so hard to put them in the car in the first place? There are so many different clips and things to strap in!

One dad decided to highlight the struggle to put in a baby’s car seat with a funny video. This dad has a popular YouTube channel where he posts hilarious parenting videos, like the one where he taught his daughter how to clean the house!

In the video, his cute little one hangs out in the front seat of the car while he tries to put the seat in. First, he tries to follow the instructions, but when that doesn’t work, he pulls out some tools. By the end of the video, he just gives up and decides he’ll walk! Have you ever had a parenting moment like this one?

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