Collie Loves To Play With Bubbles After Recovering From A Terrible Accident

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Looking at Marley today, you’d think he was just like any other happy pup with a loving home. He’s a sweet, energetic border collie and shetland sheepdog with a big smiley face and a tail that wagsnonstop.

You’d never guess that just a few months ago, he wandered fromhome and had a close brush with death.

It was a cold night when Marley ran to the road and the unthinkable happened: He was hit by a truck, and both of his back legs were badly injured. Luckily, someone found him before he got too cold and was left injured for too long. It was a really scary time for the family, but they’d never given up hope on this sweet pooch.

Now, at 2 years old, this pup is like brand-new. His grin is as wide as ever, and he still leaps with reckless abandon. But what gets him going the most? His parents know exactly what he loves best, and when they take him out in the backyard for playtime? This is almost too cute to handle, much like the horse and dog thatare best buds.

I’m so glad that this pooch made it through his injuries and that dark, cold night. No spirit as bright as this deserves to burn out early, no way, no how.


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