Charismatic Twin Brothers Entertain The Judges On Americas Got Talent

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I can’t imagine how much fun it must be for twin siblings to grow up with a best friend by their side since birth. Sure, they probably have their ups and downs as much as any other pair of siblings, but there has to be something about spending time in the womb together that makes their bond that muchstronger.

The talented twosome below clearly have an amazing connection, which they put on displaywhile auditioning forAmerica’s Got Talent. Their names are Elias and Zion, and despitetheir impressively long hair, they would like you to know they are both young boys.The 9-year-olds simply prefer not to trim their locks like, ever.Besides, it’s what’s underneath their follicles that really shines bright for these youngsters.

Simon Cowell discovers that firsthand when he stumbles upon them waiting backstage before their performance. You can see just how excited Elias and Zion are to see the legendary music mogul cross their path. Elias can’t help but jump up and down, and ask if Simon follows him on Twitter! The famously grumpy judge is clearly charmed by their personalities Zion perfectly balancing out brother’s calmer demeanor. He offers the boys a hug for good luck before heading behind the panel.

The rest of the judges are just as smitten with the siblings when they answer questions onstage, both of them freely admitting which one is the troublemaker. However, it’s when they start playing the piano that you see just how incredible they really are together.

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