Cat Survives Wildfire By Hiding In Stove

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Each year, wildfires are a dangerin the region of Alberta, Canada.

These firesare nature’s way of clearing out dead trees and foliage, but this year is different. In a matter of days, a wildfire swelled in size from 3,000 acres to 544,000 acres.

Canadians throughout the province have been forced out of their homes quickly and without warning. Many had to leave very valuable things behind, including their pets.

Jody Lishchynsky and her family are lucky to be alive. One moment, the blaze was creeping over the hill in theirbackyard, and suddenly the flames were licking up the side of theirhome.

In the small amount of time they had, the Lishchynskys were able to get into their truck with very few belongings, their dogtrailing behind them. By the time Jody Lishchynsky turned around to get her cats, however, her housewas already in flames.

The devastated family drove away thinking they had lost much more than just their personal belongings in the fire. But Tux, the cat, had other plans.

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This year, wildfires have been ripping through Canada at extraordinary speeds.

Families, like theLishchynskys, have been forced to leave with little more than the clothes on their backs.

Charlee’s Angels for the Animals, an organization that helps to find and rescue animals,has been updating hopeful Canadians on the progress of the many pets left behind.

One such animal that managed to survive the devastation was Tux the cat.

Tux was found among the rubble by one of the incredible firemen working to clear up the mess left behind by the fire.

He was discoveredunder a toppled stove in his burned down home.

According to Charlee’s Angels’s Facebook page, there was an explosion that blew out the stove, allowing room for the cat to crawl in.

Then, another explosion knocked the stove over, trapping and saving Tux from the flames.

Firefighters at the scene bandaged up Tux’s paws and a vet was called to the scene to medicate him immediately.

Soon after, his anxious family were contacted with the good news!

“That is my son, Landon,” JodyLishchynsky explained on Charlee’s Angel’s Facebook page. “Tux is his boy.”

Although the family lost practically everything in the fire, they are thrilled to have their cat Tux back.

Since then, we’ve learned that another one of theLishchynsky’s cats, Sky, survived as well!

Through all the devastation this fire has caused, stories like that of Tux and Sky offera true glimmer of hope.

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