Cat Parent Builds Child-Resistant Kitty Litter Box

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No matter how diligently most parents childproof their homes, kids will undoubtedly always find new ways to be kids.

When Imgur userdaidougei‘s friend’s son started playing in “sand” of their kitties’ litter box, this DIY-er immediately recognized that he needed an inventive solution, fast.

His own 7-month-old was becomingmore mobile every day. While this DIY-er had certainly been actively childproofinghis house, he had never considered that hislitter box would need protection.He didn’t want his child following in these same “sand box” footsteps.

After brainstorming a bit, he beganmapping outan ingenious design.

With a few pieces of wood, and inspiration from an old piece of IKEA furniture, this DIY-er crafted an enclosed litter box. The new boxboasts a kitty door on its side allowing entry to those of the feline persuasion, but keeping out the babies, toddlers, and even puppies of the world.

This clever, childproof kitty litter box remedied this DIY-er’s conundrum, and absolutely impressed his fellow Imgur users.

Keep scrolling through our gallery to learn how this DIY-er developed hisinventive solution to a surprisinglycommon household problem.



When Imgur user daidougei’s friend’s son desperately yearned to play in the “sand” of their cat’s litter box, this DIY-er, and new parent,quickly realized he needed to revisit this whole open litter box situation.

His 7-month-old was growingmore mobile by the day, and this DIY-erwanted to try anddissuadeany future litter-box-playtime instincts at all costs.

After a decent brainstorming session, this dad hatched a plan to build a childproof kitty litter box, unlike any we’ve ever seen before.


This DIY-er’s childproof litter box would be enclosed accessible only to cats.

The trays where his cats would do their business would roll in and out, childproofed like any other drawer, so that this dad, and only this dad,could easily clean them out as needed.

His build process began with laying these litter boxes in the bottom of a two-sectioned drawer.


Next, guided by two glass windows he tookfrom a piece of IKEA furniture, this DIY-er cut holes into the facade of hisnew litter box’s front.

These holes would become windows, present to allow this DIY-er visibility into the box.

Through these windows, he would be able to monitor the litter box’s overall cleanliness.


The cats would enter their new-and-improved litter box from a kitty door on itsside.


This DIY-er installed small rollers oneach of the box drawers, for easy access.


Rollers in place, the litter box trays would now be able to easily slide in and out of the larger structure, again, simplifying cleanup.


Once the structural design was complete, this DIY-er let his cats explore their new litter box.

They all seemed to universally approve of their new throne, immediately.


Decked out with a fresh coat of paint, this awesome new childproof kitty litter box was open for business.


When this DIY-er met a curious toddler,intent on playing in hiscats’ litter box, hedevelopedan inventive solution to nip this potential disaster in the bud well before chaos ensued.

What do you think of this snazzy new kitty litter box? Have you ever built your cats a special project? Tell us about your creation in the comments below.

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