Brothers Hilariously Dupe Dad Into Letting Them Wear Costumes To School

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Put two clever kids together, and you’re likely in for a world of silliness.

Recently, two adorable Welsh brothers teamed up topull one overon their loving father, Geraint Goodridge.

Last week,Goodridge arrived to fetch his cute boys, Harrison, 6, and Reuben, 5, from their mother’s house. In the car, the pair told their trusting dad that it was “Fancy Dress Day” at their school in honor of the queen’s birthday.

Instead of having to wear their typical uniforms, this day, they were free to instead wear whatever they liked. Their storysounded plausible enough to their unassuming father, so he took the duo off toschool dressed in attire of their choosing. Harrison went as a Transformer, while his younger brother dressed like Woody from Toy Story.

Once they arrived, though, their precious father learned that it hadn’t been “Fancy Dress Day” at all. His little jokers had completely fooled him!

Keep scrolling to learn more about these adorable kids’ silly plot to wear their favorite costumes to school.

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A few days ago, these adorable brothers pulled quite the fast one over on their unassuming dad, Geraint Goodridge.

When this father of 6-year-old Harrison and 5-year-old Reuben came to pick themup from their mom’s house, they told him that itwas their school’s “Fancy Dress Day.”


They explained that their Wales-based school was celebrating the queen’s birthday which seemed plausible to Goodridge and they were free to diverge from the typical dress code, and arrive at school wearing whatever they so pleased.

So, he let both his boys venture offto school in costume Harrison as a Transformer, and Reuben as Toy Story‘s Woody.

However, once they arrived at school, Goodridge realized it had all been a ruse.


When Goodridge asked his boys’teacher if it was indeed a non-uniform day, he learned the truth it was not. His adorable boys had been foolinghim the entire time.

Luckily, the two got to stay in costume all day long.


Goodridge later tweeted about his boys’ prank, saying, “My boys told me it was fancy dress in school yesterday. Got them to school. WASN’T FANCY DRESS. kids 1 daddy 0.”


Then, a local paper published his adorable tweet, further showcasing his cute kids’clever trick.


When asked if he planned on retaliating with a prank of his own, this smart dad told the Huffington Post, “No, theyd probably have one better so I think I better just call it a day on that.”


This dad’s clever boys really pulled one over on him a story their entire family will likely retell over and over for years to come.

What do you think of these adorable boys’ ruse? Have your children ever pulled a fast one on you? Tell us about your experience in the comments below.

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