Border Collie Shows Off Her Impressive Talent For Playing Basketball

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As much as I love my dog,she just doesn’t have that flair for picking up on tricks like other pups I’ve seen.The most we were ever able to manage teaching her was a simple sit and stay,butshe’s never really thrilled about it.Of course, I can’t help but smile at her sweet face regardless! Sure, it would be nice if she could bemore like oneof those four-legged cuties thatcan perform amazing stunts, but I’m fine with just snuggling up on the couch.

When Katerina Jansen adopted her adorable border collie, Lava, she wasn’t looking for a canine superstar either, but that’s exactly what she got! The 10-month-old pup apparently didn’t waste any time flauntingher special skills, showing off her sporty moves a mere 10 minutes after walking into her new forever home. Every time Jansen tosses a ball toward Lava, she bops it right through the children’s basketball hoop in their living room!I have a feelingJansen was floored when she first saw it, thinking they would play a regular game of fetch.

Though Lava doesn’t sink every shot, that doesn’t stop her from giving it her all as she makes extra attempts with rebounding balls. She also retrieves the toy each time for another round of fun. Even with the shots she misses, the athletic girl still has way more talent for the game thanI do! And since she’s still pretty young, I bet she’ll be even better as she grows up.

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