Big Pup Pulls The Sheet Right Out From Underneath Dad In This Hilarious Clip

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Have you ever had a good idea go very, very wrong?

Sure, that last slice of pizza looked delicious, but how’s it feel now that your stomach is bursting at the seams? It might have seemed like a good idea to go on the roller coaster with your friends, but then you realize you’re deadly afraid of heights. Sure, taking that dunk in the pond with all of your clothes on seemed like the only option when you forgot your bathing suit, but what about when you have to sit in soggy underwear for the next few hours?

Life is full of tiny moments of regret like this, but in the end, they’re what make life interesting. If we only ever made completely thought out and well-informed decisions, our days would be dull and incredibly boring. After all, that slice of pizzawasdelicious, that roller coasterwasa lot of fun, and you probably had an awesome time in the pond. These moments are what memories are made of.

When this man and his pup were goofing around one day in the kitchen, he jokingly tried to get his big pup to tug him around while he stood on his blanket. But, when this happy pup moves on with the corner of the blanket in his mouth? Well, itseemedlike a good idea!


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