Big Fluffy Dog Is The Perfect Babysitter For A Group Of Adorable Baby Goats

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Babysittingis a pretty big responsibility no matter where you are in the world. To promise to look after someone else’s childand take good care of them while their parents are away takes a huge amount of trust. While it may seem that humans are the only species on this planet who are familiar withbabysitting, it seems that is totally wrong in every single way!

This beautifulPyrenean Mountain Dog named Betty knows what it takes to be a good mother. Even though her puppies aren’t exactlydogs,that doesn’t mean she can’t look after them like every babysitter should! She keeps a watchful eye on one little goat who slowly approaches her and within moments, she’s hopping up on mom’s butt! Althoughthis little goat is having some trouble with her balancing skills, mom is very concerned and makes sure everyone is okay even while playing.

Eventually, the little goat’s brothers show up and within seconds you have one of the most beautiful pastoral farm scenes you could ever imagine. These “kids” might be a bit energetic, but the coolheaded and down-to-Earth nature of Betty’s personality seems to be a perfect fit. I know a few human kids who would love to have her as a babysitter!


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