Aunt Snaps Scary Photo Of Her Niece Sleeping In A Headstand And Compares It To A Horror Movie

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There are countless horror movies out there focusing on the ideas, and theories, of paranormal activity.

These events that have been claimed to take place in history, and present day, are something that many are scared of. But, others think they are a complete hoax.

No matter what side you take, the horror movies made about them still will most likely make you jump.

And when you see a video or a photo of something from a friend that looks spooky, as much as you might hate to admit it, you might have to turn an extra nightlight on when you go to sleep that night.

If I was Mikaela Long, I think I would be the one running out of the house, rather than just sleeping with a nightlight.

Long is social media famous for her sense of humor, but on the night you’re about to peek in on, she was justacting as a babysitter for her niece.

This is the Twitter post that started all of the commotion.

While babysitting her niece, she looked at the monitor where she was expecting to find her sound asleep, on her back.

But instead, she saw her sleeping in a handstand.

I think the caption is made to be funny, but I sincerely believe I would have ran out of that house petrified.

Long, who is a social media personality known for her funny Vine videos and comical posts, has a plethora of hysterical posts.

She’s 22 years old, and although some would have been petrified, she called the parents who told her that this was something that her niece was doing lately.

As if that makes it normal?

Knowing that her niece was okay, she made a joke out of this real-life moment.

She posted this tweet afterwards with photos from the movie Paranormal Activity, throwing her baby niece into the mix.

And they definitelydo looklike they all belong together!

This photo is a direct shot from that horror movie she previously referenced, the person has their legs up in the air, and if I remember correctly, they were being moved in that position.

Creepy and scary?Yes, normal for a baby? I don’t think so.

This reminded me of the ‘paranormal’ baby that was recorded on his baby monitor too.

He stood up on the top of the bar of his crib screaming and crying, until he fell back and a sound from the mobile above him started playing.

These things petrify me, what would you do if you saw something like this?

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