A Horse And German Shepherd Happily Play With Their Big Red Ball

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Living on a farm is a lifestyle full of wonderful moments, both big and small. One day in the spring, you might witness a mama cow giving birth to a little baby. Maybe all of your goats give birth all at once, and you’re inundatedwith bouncy baby goats!

Then there are the smaller moments that just brighten your day. Maybe you catch a barn cat sleeping in a sliver of sun next to the horse’s stable and it serves as a reminder of how sweet all of these animals are. They don’t have a care in the world about their differences. All the different animals linger together, play together, and become best friends no matter the size or species difference.

When this German shepherd approaches the horse’s stable? It’s easy to see that these two are great friends.

It looks like the horse just got a shiny new red ball to play with, and he’s definitely willing to share his new toy with his friend.

But, what happens when you pair a big, happy German shepherd with bright red ball? He will do anything until that ball is his!

This is so sweet, the horse is so playful with the dog. Then, the dog gets a bit too excited… but does the horse mind?


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