9 lame Pokmon you will never want to catch on ‘Pokmon Go’

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Would it be so bad if these Pokmon got away?

Now that Pokmon Go is out for both Android and iOS, fans of the long-running franchise have been very excited to take their phones out to the geographical battlegrounds.While everyone is running around, tossing outPok Balls andfeeling ecstatic about finding their favorite characters, just take a moment to remember the poorPokmon who no one ever wants to take home and rightfully so.

While Ash Ketchum famously said “gotta catch ’em all,” maybe you should let these guys go free.

And no, we don’t just mean Pidgey.

1. Chlamydion

Trust us, you don’t want to open this in yourPokdex.

2. Biclops

A cyclops, but with two eyes. Depth perception could be handy in aPokbattle. They’ll always know how much time they have before the otherPokmon’s attack hits them.

3. Tireon

An old, abandoned tire. It uses the roll attack. It’s weirdly effective.

4. Dustopan

A dustpan and brush. You won’t win and battles, but your place will be sparkling.

5. Twiggy, Stiggy and Branchy

Three, differently sized sticks with eyes. ‘Nuff said.

6. Trumposaur

It uses xenophobic scare tactics and bad tweeting. It’s disturbingly effective.

7. Trukstopsooshi

That truck stop sushi that no one wants. Give your opponent food poisoning and you instantly win.

8. Tunazam

A tuna fish sandwich. It doesn’t do anything. It just sits there looking disappointing.

9. Chardmander

A bunch of Swiss chard. To makePokbattles exceedingly bitter and fiber-rich.

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