14 People Reveal Their Reasons For Being Banned From Certain Places

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When I was 11 I got banned from Scouts because I was cast as a merry man in the Robin Hood play and I was so furious that I didn’t turn up, sabotaging the play (I like to imagine). That – from what I can remember – is it. Pretty boring really…

Luckily there’s a reddit thread where people go into why they were banned from certain places and, well, it’s gold!

Have a look…


My husband was banned from the mall in our college town. For having a fake snowball fight with the fake snow from the Christmas display


I got banned from an anime forum for suggesting that King of the Hill is the greatest anime of all time


I was banned from overnight Girl Scout trips. I binge-read my grandmother’s old pulp murder mystery magazines & made up a story on a camping trip about a serial killer at large who stalks outhouses. He was a mashup of something I had read, & Zeke the plumber guy from an episode of salute your shorts. We were 9, so they bought it, & I stuck to the bit all f*cking weekend. Some girls developed bladder infections, & consequently I was asked not to attend any future trips. In retrospect, totally worth it.


I am banned from this one Target for holding several stacks of those mini-muffins while laughing with a friend going on about some inside joke we had about it at the time. I was going to buy the muffins but apparently it was just too many mini muffins for them to handle so they accused me of shoplifting and banned me from the store even though I told them I intended to buy them.


I am currently banned from my local Target. Two of my friends and I found target t-shirts at goodwill. We bought them threw on some khakis and went to the store. We just helped people and moved items around. It was honestly innocent fun. Until the manager told us that we were “not team members” and that we were not allowed to return.


I have a tendency to slip into accents really quickly w/o even realizing it when I’m surrounded by them. If I go down to the South, I quickly turn into one of the Duke boys. Hanging out with Latino friends? I’m suddenly the whitest ginger from the barrio. Meeting up with friends in a Chinese restaurant? Suddenly I’m banned for mocking the staff and being disrespectful…


In college I got banned from ordering from this one pizza place because I kept passing out before my pizza would get there. It sucked because it was the only place open for delivery really late and they had a college special where I could get a large one topping pizza and a soda for only $8. I had to have my friends call whenever I wanted to order one after that.


Approximately ten years ago I stopped by a new movie rental place near my work and tried to rent a couple of movies. The guy behind the counter asked me for my license and when I showed it to him he said they wouldn’t rent to me because I lived outside of their rental area. I asked if they delivered movies, and he said no, so then I asked why the hell it mattered where I lived if I worked right down the street? He said I lived too far away. (I lived 10 miles away.)
When I went to leave, the guy asked me if I would put the movies back where I got them. I told him to f*ck himself. That’s when he said I wasn’t welcome in the store anymore. At that point I shouted, “Why would I come back to this store? Just to walk around and look at all the movies you won’t rent to me?”
A few years later the place closed down and my heart danced a little happy dance.


The zoo. I thought it was a genius idea to get drunk and go see the animals. Too much alcohol in me and decided it was a great idea to hug a peacock. Learned they really dont like hugs and will try to kill you.


I was banned from a Best Buy for pretending to be an employee. I bought a shirt at Goodwill and walked around the store telling customers to f*ck off it they came up to me.


A local card and comic book store for causing a grown 40-45-year-old man to flip and table and storm out of said establishment after he lost a game of cards. Apparently, when the man making the scene spends tons of money in the store, he can do no wrong.


Applebees apparently one night when I was smashed I ordered the whole bar a round of drinks and then just dipped. Oops


I am banned from the local karaoke bar because I would choose instrumentals and just stand there telling dirty jokes the whole song


Im banned from Metropolitan, a gay bar in Brooklyn. I was a drunk hooligan and sat on a stool outside the bar and pretended to be the bouncer checking everyones IDd for almost an hour. Girls hit on me, dudes gave me tips, it was awesome. Real bouncer came out and yelled at me in front of a bunch of people and told me to never go back there. Ever. Was totally worth it.

Brilliant. I’m just happy no one said “I was banned form McDonald’s for killing a man lol”

Not that I wouldn’t have put that in the list but still…

Anyway, what do you think? Let us know in the comments!

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