11 Classic Celeb Snapshots From Vintage Photo Booths

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One of my favorite family photos is the one wheremy mom, dad, brother, and I all crammed into a photo booth when I was only about three or four years old. I was a little too young to understand exactly what was going on with the rapid snapshots, but my confused little face only makes it all the more fun!

That’s alsowhy I love looking back at stars from the past who had their own silly photos taken inside one of those vintage booths. You can still find boothsat malls and arcades, and they oftenpop up at wedding receptions. But the popularity has definitely faded since the years these extremely famous folks sat down for a photo session.

These days, we may beall about selfies, but this was one of the best mementos for loved ones way back when. Scroll through for a look at 11 classic celeb photo booth snapshots.

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1. Buddy Holly


The rocker tragically lost his life shortly after taking these photos while on tour in 1959.

2. President John F. Kennedy And Jackie


You can see the affection between these young lovebirds on their honeymoon in 1953. JFK’s smile says it all!

3. Marilyn Monroe and Joe DiMaggio


Before heading across the globeto perform for troops, these newlyweds had to snap some pics for their passport photos back in 1954.

4. Audrey Hepburn And Mel Ferrer With Truman Capote


The famous husband and wife struck a couple of poses with one of their good friends, author Truman Capote, in 1956.

5. Miles Davis


The famous jazz musician has clearly always been a dapper fella, as you can see in this handsomesnap from his youth.

6. Salvador And Gala Dal


This sweet moment capturesthe artist and his muse as young sweethearts, an especiallynotablephoto forthe lack of Salvador’siconically thin mustache.

7. Elvis Presley


I’m not sure I’d be making the same face as this lucky young lady sitting with the King, just before his stardom took off!

8. John Lennon


This photo of the legendary Beatles songwriter was likely taken while the group spent the early 1960shoning their talent in Hamburg, Germany.

9. Paul And Linda McCartney


The McCartneys made their booth session a family affair with Linda putting her own camera down for the goofy snaps.

10. James Dean


The hunky actor shows his range in these serious and sweet pics as a teen before skyrocketing to fame.

11. Marlon Brando and Movita Castaneda


The moody actor pulled a funny face with his soon-to-be secondwife in 1960.

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